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With advances in home entertainment technology now is the time to install your home theatre system. We can prepare your home to be able to use the technologies now available to us, and to prepare for those to be available shortly.

With the touch of a button you can arrange:
  • illumination in selected rooms
  • audio control in selected areas
  • automatic curtain opening & closing
  • movie screen drop down or retract
  • movie & other media streaming

Megatech specialises in installing the state of the art Hills Hub system.

Activate lights, internet, DVD player and other appliance and devices using the Hills Home Hub system supplied and installed by Megatech. Home Hub delivers and distributes home video, audio, and television signals to any room of your choice from a central enclosure. Data phone, video, audio TV and cable outlets can be installed in every room.

Supervise children by video to a TV in any room. It's simple to answer your front door or gate, just up the remote to see who is there and provide immediate entry.

Your phone system can be used as an internal intercom for the home. Any screen can be used to surf the net and any page can be printed to your home in office.

A well thought out home automation system adds value and convenience to your home, the home of tomorrow!

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